JIZAKE of Nagano region in JAPAN

  • Daisekkei: a sake brewery with a 120-year history of excellence

    Category: CONTENTS 6/29/2019
    We have brewed sake with passion and devotion since the company’s establishment in 1898, exclusively using the rich natural resources of Azumino, Nagano in the centre of Japan. Our name, Daisekkei comes from the magnificent snowy gorgeMore
  • The philosophy of sake making

    Category: CONTENTS 6/29/2019
    Our product reflects the skill and knowledge only obtained from many years’ experience, combined with the latest brewing equipment. At Daisekkei, the master brewer and his team work to make sake utilising the extensive knowledge and exMore
  • A brief explanation of sake brewing

    The list of ingredients is simple: water, rice and koji (rice malt). The spring water is sourced from the Northern Japanese Alps, with highest quality sake rice being grown locally for us. The koji is grown within our facility to enablMore